LR Baggs M1 Active Acoustic Guitar Soundhole Pickup

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For decades, L.R. Baggs has been at the forefront of the design and manufacture of acoustic pickups, microphones, and preamps that provide the very best amplification solutions for acoustic musicians. Their products have become the standard factory fitted equipment in many of the most respected instrument brands including Gibson, Ibanez, Cort and Seagull, and dozens of smaller boutique guitar makers use L.R. Baggs systems as the default solution for providing electro-acoustic options on their instruments.

The M1 Active is a patented humbucker designed for use with acoustic guitars. Usually with stacked humbuckers, the lower coil cancels hum, but doesn’t actually contribute anything else to the sound. The lower coil on the M1 has a carefully tuned support that allows it to capture higher frequency resonances. The pickup moves with the guitar's top, creating a body signal in the suspended coil that adds presence to your amplified acoustic sound, bringing out the natural voice of your guitar. With a prewired strapjhack harness, installation is a breeze on almost any standard acoustic guitar. The M1's built-in active electronics eliminates the need for an external preamp and you'll get over 1000 hours of life from the 3V coin cell battery.

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