Keeley Tone Workstation Guitar Effects Pedal

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Ten years ago, Keeley invented and built a small batch of the Tone Workstation, most of which are currently in the hands of famous players and collectors; John Mayer recently took two of the originals out on the Dead & Company tour. In 2016, the Keeley team of engineers and designers have decided to completely re-engineer and re-release the new workstation. They have upgraded the tone, enhanced the features, and reduced the size to now fit on anyone?s board.

The first stage of amplification is critical for a sound that has clarity and delivers expressive tone. Compression, Drive, Overdrive, Boost. You get it all in the Tone Workstation. The Tone Workstation is designed to be the first stage in your pedal board.

Starting with the classic Keeley Compressor, you can build a nice, thick tone full of sustain. Next up in the chain is the 1962/Katana Boost section where you can select a sound with just the right amount of break up, or use it in Boost mode for that clean pushed amp-style overdrive. Last in the chain, with the renowned Red Dirt overdrive, you get 15 years of modding tube screamers distilled into one toneful circuit that captures every nuance of your guitar?s tone and delivers a classic, smoking hot, silky smooth lead tone.

  • Effects Type: Multi Effects
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